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Transsmart's Foundation Team, what do they do exactly?

Sarah Pilasky op 2 maart 2021

Transsmart has a foundation team. Nice name, but what does it mean, who works in this little club and what do they actually do all day? We'd love to tell you!

The big picture

The software
Transsmart's 'core', or 'engine', is of course our basis: the shipping software.
From this software we connect to carriers on the one hand, and to the partner or customer's systems on the other. These can be connections to ERP, WMS or e-commerce systems, but can also be connected directly via Web services or via API.
Transsmart can also be used without an actual connection, namely via our MyTranssmart dashboard.

Carrier team
For the connections with carriers we have established the 'Carrier Team' at Transsmart. They work daily on building and updating the so-called carrier connections.

Core Team
The Core Team deals with the other side of the story. They are responsible for keeping our 'core' up to date and for innovations in order to offer the best possible functionality to our customers and partners.

Foundation Team
The Foundation Team specifically deals with our API, printing software and our own MyTranssmart dashboard. And it is exactly this team that we are introducing to you in this article!

This it what it looks like:

Foundation team overview
What does the Foundation Team do?

So, the Foundation Team works on the foundation of our service. They improve, innovate, create and update our shipping software and all the functionalities that go with it. These improvements are implemented in the integrations and of course in our MyTranssmart dashboard.

Every 3 weeks, on a Thursday, there is a release, or a rollout, of all the improvements made. This results in a 'new version' of MyTranssmart. The release takes place real time, which means that our system does not need 'down time' for the roll out, and therefore you as a user will not be affected!

The only thing you might notice are the improvements and any changes of course. But that should only be positive. Think for example of new fields, new functionalities or improved performance.

In a release three things can happen. Namely changes, improvements and updates. We explain this further below:

We are continuously making changes to our software in response to requests from customers and partners, based on developments in the market and on our own roadmap. Examples of these changes are:

  • Adding new fields such as the EORI number in the address.
  • Addition of new functionalities such as Dangerous Goods and SmartScan.
  • Changes in design for usability.

Improvements (bug fixes)
As is always the case with software, it may happen that something does not work (anymore) as it should or that a function generates an error message. In most cases we discover these things ourselves. And sometimes it is reported by users to our colleagues in support.

With the next release we will fix these so-called 'bugs' so that everything works as it should. In case of a major issue that hinders the processes of our customers, this will of course be solved immediately. We will never make you wait for days!

Our system does not consist solely of software built in-house. Doing what you do best is our motto, and so sometimes it is much smarter to use software from an external software supplier than to reinvent the wheel yourself.

This software is of course regularly updated and again we take care of the rollout. Examples of external software are:

  • SmartPrint: the printer drivers for printing labels.
  • TrackBox: Transsmart's Track&Trace website.
  • Froala: the HTML editor you use to edit your email templates.

Who are in the Foundation Team?

Within our Foundation Team you will find several positions. The heroes in this team are:

  • Leandra Zwijgers (product specialist)
  • Maarten Tops (product manager)
  • Martin Kavuma (developer)
  • Martin Schakelaar (developer)
  • Steffan Giebels (product owner)

We also have a few external heroes joining this team for support:

  • Patrycja Stemplewska (developer)
  • Pawel Szablowski (developer)
  • Thijs van Kerkoerle (scrum master)

Do they really do their job?

Yes of course! And they can prove it too. As mentioned above, a rollout of updates, innovations and bug fixes takes place every 3 weeks. All changes and improvements that have been made are at that time described in the Release Notes.

These release notes can be found on our support portal. You can even choose to subscribe to this forum (for free), so you will receive the release notes automatically in your inbox. How convenient is that!

Release notes

Can I suggest an improvement or innovation myself?

Again: yes of course! Go to the forum we mentioned above and create a post for us in which you describe your improvement and/or innovation. If you look around this forum you'll see that many of the submitted proposals have actually been implemented. So it is definitely worth the effort!

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