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The Transsmart Customer Portal

Joep Oomen op 12 december 2019

As of last summer, we have been committed to improving our Customer Portal.

This portal can be reachted at
(You can log in with the same credentails you use for our dashboard.)

What can you find here? 

  • For example, enter an error code in the search bar to quickly find the way to resolve the error.
  • Or view information about our front-end and back-end products, label printing, logistics- and process optimization and more.
  • Read about the developments we have planned or whether there are any disruptions on the platform.
  • Submit your own ideas that you would like to see reflected in our system.

Through this Customer Portal we try to make your life as easy as possible!

Below we will discuss the various options within the Customer Portal a little further.

Knowledge base

The Customer Portal is divided into different tabs. You will find most information in our Knowledge Base under various categories. We will briefly explain the categories:

  • “What is…”
    An explanation of a number of logistical concepts.
  • “I want to change something”
    See what it takes to make your desired adjustments.

  • “How to…”
    Here you will find manuals for the products within our Delivery Management Software and solutions for, for example, error messages or printing problems.

  • MyTranssmart
    The ins and outs of our dashboard: from manuals to tips & tricks and more.

  • Development information
    All required information for developers.

  • Products
    Curious about what else Transsmart has to offer for to your logistics? Here you will find all of our products.

  • Carriers
    An overview of all carrier connections and associated information, restrictions, etc.

  • Source systems
    An overview of all ERP, WMS and E-commerce/Webshop systems that we connect with. Among other things, it also contains manuals specifically about our software in your system.

  • Transsmart
    How do we work and how can you reach us? You’ll find it here.

Can’t find your answer in the knowledge base? Please submit your question to us via the Customer Portal. Click “New support ticket” and state the issue you encounter. In case it’s about a specific shipment, please also provide the reference number or Track&Trace number of this shipment. Our Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible.



In the Forum tab you will find to sections:

  • Announcements
    Information about possible disruptions and maintenance to our platform. Click ‘follow’ to subscribe to the announcements. You will then receive an email immediately in case of any disruptions.

    Tip: make sure your logistics team is always subscribed to this so that they are always the first to know and receive the necessary status updates.

  • Feature Requests, Release notes and Roadmap
    Everything about the topics that Transsmart is currently working on. As a customer you can also submit your own ideas for our software or ‘like’ others’ ideas. Once ideas have enough likes, we will get to work on them!


The Tickets tab gives you insight into all your old and new (open) tickets and their status.

Tip: do you have a question? You can easily see if you’ve asked us this question before. In case you did, you’ll immediately have your answer, so no need to wait on our response! We can even make it possible to view your colleagues’ tickets.

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Joep Oomen

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