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ACM starts to show her teeth

Pieter Schalk op 1 december 2020

The Dutch Authority Consumer & Market (ACM) indicated that in recent months more and more consumers have reported to them because webshops do not clearly state delivery times, do not pay back on time after returning orders and often respond too late.

Is it really that difficult to inform customers properly during the customer journey from purchase to delivery? Of course not. However, you do need to know what you are doing to be able to divide this customer journey into the right phases and provide them with the right tools.

Check-out of the webshop

Let's start with the check-out of the webshop. In the check-out you have to make sure you have the right payment and delivery options that match your customer group(s). It is already difficult to achieve the average conversion rate of 2-3%, but you can work on that by arranging this properly.

You start by offering the right mix of delivery options from different carriers:

  • Pick Up & Droff off points (PUDO points for short)
  • Home delivery options, taking into account many parameters including:
    • Time windows
    • Same day deliveries
    • Dimensions of the products
    • Age
    • Value of the products
    • Own pickup locations / retail chains
    • Offer sufficient delivery options with SmartCheckout

When you have selected the right delivery options for your customer group(s), you also want to communicate the right delivery times and possible transport costs to customers. In this way you can create the right expectations for these customers to perfection.

Delivery times are a consequence of the transport option that has been chosen. So let's start at the beginning by offering delivery options:

  • PUDO points
  • Home delivery options
  • Own pickup locations / retail chains

At Transsmart, we have been helping our customers optimise these important process points for many years. We do this with SmartCheckout. This enables you to flexibly adjust your delivery process in real time using smart parameters so that your delivery promise is always synchronized with the possibilities you have agreed upon with the carriers. SmartCheckout is multi-carrier, multi-language and multi-currency, which makes this software also very suitable for cross-border e-commerce.

Communicate clearly

It is then important to communicate clearly about the status of the order and shipment even after purchase. Through the possibilities of SmartTrack, Transsmart customers send millions of shipping notifications daily about the status of orders and shipments. This ensures that recipients always know what to expect.

In addition, Transsmart predicts when the shipment is scheduled to be delivered. Because we have also linked the real-time status of carriers, we also proactively see whether shipments are late.

We can therefore proactively inform webshops and wholesalers when shipments are not processed according to the planned delivery times. When that does not happen, for example, we can notify webshops and their customers. It is also possible to have actions carried out at certain events. For example, a parcel can be automatically sent to a PUDO-point when nobody is at home. Of course, it is also possible to automatically send an extra e-mail to the customer, so he is always informed.

Analyzing data for improvement

Transsmart's customers have access to historical data so that they can see by means of analyses what is actually right or wrong. These reports also make the quality of service provided by carriers clearly visible, allowing you to translate these results into promises you make in the check-out. Suppose you now indicate to deliver within 24 hours, but this turns out to be 48 hours on average. You can then immediately adjust this promise so as not to give customers a false expectation.

As you can see, we have quite a few tools ready to make your promise about delivery time visible, measurable and customizable.

Transsmart also has more advanced techniques available that you can use to optimally help your customers. For example SmartRates:

With SmartRates transport costs can be predicted. Whereas in SmartCheckout you can mainly control everything in a static way, with SmartRates you can do this in a more dynamic way. This can be particularly interesting for worldwide shipments with express carriers.

Would you like to know more about SmartCheckout, SmartTrack, SmartRates or the other techniques we can offer you? Please contact us. We will gladly inform you!

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Pieter Schalk

Pieter Schalk is one of the founders of Transsmart and is actively working on innovation projects.